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Stove Maintenance


Along with getting your chimney swept regularly, it’s also important to check your stove regularly to identify and put right any problems. As part of our stove maintenance service, we will:

•Remove firebricks, throat plate / baffle

and check for warping / damage

  • Clean out the inside of the stove

  • Clean the glass

  • Check the stove casing integrity

  • Check the door fit

  • Check for worn, loose or missing rope seals

  • Check seals on glass

  • Check and if necessary reapply fire cement to seals on vitreous pipes and flue connectors

  • Check air way controls and clean air channels

  • Check for damaged or cracked fire bricks

  • Check seals around register plate

  • Produce a summary report with any recommendations

Price: £60

We carry a range of standard size rope seals and generic flat fire bricks with us and can provide and fit replacement parts on the day. There is no charge for fitting, just for parts which will vary depending on your stove.

Camera inspection
of the flue

Chimneys and flue liners deteriorate over time. A camera inspection can provide reassurance that there are no visible faults and that the integrity of your chimney is not compromised.

Price: £120

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