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“DPM Stoves And Chimney Sweep” would like to assure all our customers that we take their safety very seriously. We have strict safety procedures in place to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.


BEFORE coronavirus we always operated our business with strict regard to safety procedures which protect us as well as you and your property e.g. sheeting to floors and carpets, proper dust control measures and clean gloves for every job.
We now however have introduced ENHANCED protection set out below and would ask that you read fully.


Pre - Arrival

  • Has anyone in the household shown signs of Covid 19 (if so, we are unable to visit until 14 days isolation after symptoms have passed)

  • Appointment time to be booked, so client knows when to expect Dave.

  • We will check with you on the day on the doorstep to confirm the health status of your household prior to entering. 

  • Windows of the room where the stove/fireplace is, to be left open for an hour before & after the visit to ventilate room.

  • Ashes to have been removed from stove/fireplace & disposed of before we arrive. Any ornaments & furniture from fireplace to be moved, to allow clear access.

On – Arrival

  • Doors to the room where the appliance is to be open so Dave does not have to touch anything when he is working or setting up.

  • We will observe recommended social distancing and ask that you remain in another room during the sweeping process

  • Dave will wear gloves & a mask whilst in your property.

  • Dave will sweep & remove soot and debris from the chimney only.  If a birds nest is present. Dave will bag it and leave outside the property for your own disposal.

  • Payment can be made by cash, cheque or Bacs. If paying by cash or cheque, to be placed in an envelope by the fireplace in an obvious position.

  • Certificates of sweeping will be emailed to customers. Where you would normally sign the certificate, it will now be noted as “Covid 19”.


  • We regret we are unable to accept tea, biscuits or bacon sandwiches for now 😊.
    If you need advice or wish to make a booking, please call: 01453 702911

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